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November 24, 2007, 1:17 pm
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Me and my lovely mother went to a couple of our favourite thrift stores today. I found a ton of stuff:

These bags! The red and white one was so odd that I had to buy it. My mom thinks it’s made out of old bleach bottles. I think I’ll put magazines in it or something as it’s not very practical to carry around. The blue Yamaha one has a name on the bottom, which is pretty cool too. And they were all $1. :)

As soon as I saw this top, I knew I would end up buying it. I have too many shiny items of clothing as it is, but it would look so good belted at the waist… and for $8!

This is another top that I knew would look good belted. I’m in love with the pattern. $5 I think?

SCARVES! The white one has the most amazing texture to it, almost like a ruffled chip, and these two look great together. $1 each.

Belts and suspenders and sweatervests, oh my!
I have a thing for belts. I probably have around 25, and I usually buy at least one when I go to a thrift store. The brown one has the coolest buckle ever. And I’ve been looking for suspenders and a sweatervest forever! Everything was $3 each.

Closeup of the buckle:

A successful day, I think!


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Love all the stuff! Whatever city you’re in, looks like it has great thrift stores!

Comment by Hailey

p.s The buckle is dreamy.

Comment by Hailey

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