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oh my god, the socks.
February 7, 2008, 4:43 pm
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Why am I so poor?!?!? I was reading I Spy, Thrift Eye and she mentioned a website called Sock Dreams. I’ve been having a little bit of a fashion craving regarding thigh-high socks lately (warm!) so I paid it a visit. I was skeptical at first, as they don’t have the most flashy of webpages, but my mind was changed instantly when I started looking at their over-the-knee socks.

These are the O Chevrons with black details. SOOO CUTE! I’m trying to mix and match more patterns and I think that throwing them in on my socks/tights is a good plan.

I just desperately want to wear these with my bright red skirt and suspenders. AUGH!! JOB! IS! NEEDED!

Lilac isn’t really my colour (and a lot of the other ones are sold out!) but dark red sounds pretty nice for these ones. And if I bought a bunch of socks, I’d have a reason to go find some awesome skirts and dresses to go with them! Hmmm…

Well, hopefully you people out there that have money can enjoy these socks in real life while I just sit here and drool on my keyboard.


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what can I say, they are beautiful!

Comment by Eli

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