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it was warm out today!
February 15, 2008, 8:27 pm
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So this is what I ended up wearing, after I took off my red leather jacket and my purple scarf. (It matched my sweater perfectly! I thought I was being pretty stylish and subtly incorporating the whole wear-all-one-colour trend that seems to be popping up. >_>)

I look pretty incredibly dorky in this picture, and my outfit is boring as I assumed it was cold out. Which sucked, cause I could have worn my new skirt and kitten heels! But it was all made up for when I found those awesome shoes I am wearing in my friend’s brother’s closet (don’t worry, he’s long moved out!). She said I could keep them! A better picture:

They’re ancient Wilsons. As you can see, the yellow plastic is breaking in some places. But other then that, they’re in pretty good shape! Oh, and apologies for no Valentine’s day post. I didn’t wear anything exciting, just my new grey sweater and a tee with jeans. Me and the lovely boyf went to Tiffany to get the one and only expensive piece of jewelry I will EVER own…and it was sold out! Oh well, apparently they’d been sold out for months. But trust me, WE’RE GOING BACK! :P It’s a long story, but this is one symbolic necklace. Anyways, I hope you had a good one!


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You’re really cute! I love the first photo.

Comment by Wendy

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