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i made something that doesn’t suck!
March 31, 2008, 9:09 pm
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I had basically long given up hope of making something wearable using my sewing machine, but it appears that I may have pulled it off. Thanks to this refreshingly simple tutorial, I’ve got my very own puff skirt made of random fabric from my basement.

(My “I’m shocked it doesn’t suck” face.)

The pattern! Delightfully grandma-esque?

Now, for anyone else, sewing a skirt like this would be an exceedingly easy task. Thing is, my sewing machine hates me and wishes I was dead, so I had to fight with it for half an hour before finally deciding that my knowledge (grade 7 fashion studies…erm…) was not enough to fix the problem. 5 minutes of Googling and I realized I should check my thread tension, which was the problem of course. And now I can actually use my sewing machine! Which of course got me thinking about making more complicated stuff. I think I am going to try and talk my mom into going to the sewing shop with me this weekend and buying a dress pattern and some fabric. I’ll keep you posted on how THAT turns out…but now I must finish the homework I put off to make this lovely skirt!


March 31, 2008, 6:29 pm
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Sorry for my absolutely terrible posting during spring break. With family here and friends here and everything going on I was forced to put blogging and looking like anything but a hobo on the back burner! But now I am back, and I have a depressing tale to tell that involves my first day back at school.

I knew it wouldn’t be a good day anyways, as this is going to be a very long month with no days off. But it started sucking a whole lot more when I sat down to eat lunch with my friends. I noticed one of my BEST FRIENDS wearing brand new Nikes. ‘So what?’ you’re thinking. ‘They’re shoes.’ Well, yeah. But they also symbolize everything that I absolutely hate. Poor treatment of workers? Check. Overpriced? Check. Super trendy? CHECK! I never thought that she would buy them, because I bitch about things like Nike all the time. She always agrees with me, too. So when I started shrieking at her for buying them, I was pretty surprised with her response. “So what?” she said. “They’re cool, look good, and I like them. And besides, me not buying Nikes won’t have any effect at all in the long run.”

Attitudes like this really effect my spirits. I hate people who think that it doesn’t matter if they buy a certain thing, or support a certain principle, or decide not to vote because what difference could they make anyway? I live in Alberta, and the voter turnout this year was 40 percent. 40%!!! Less then HALF of the people in my province could summon up the energy to drive to a polling station and cast a vote for a leader that will most certainly have an effect on their lives. Quite frankly, living in a place like this makes me pretty angry sometimes. And today I realized: if I can’t even make one of my best friends buy something other then the social norm, then how can I have an effect on anyone else? I really, really, REALLY hope that I can convince at least one other person to buy Blackspots, which are the toughest shoes I have ever owned (2 and a half years and still wearable!) and eco-/worker-friendly. But sometimes, when I’m talking to my friends and they tell me that they really don’t care who made their shoes as long as they look good (I hear this so much it’s unbelievable) I want to give up hope. Sigh…

anyone else an arrested development fan?
March 26, 2008, 8:33 pm
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I. Need. This. Shirt. $15.

March 23, 2008, 10:06 pm
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I’ve found lip stuff to repair my horrible, dry, disgusting, wintery lips!!!

It’s a miracle. A long time ago I posted about some other stuff, but it turns out it had it’s flaws. Not this. IT’S PERFECT!!!

PS. My little cousin says hello to you all. He is eight and visiting all the way from Oklahoma with his mom and dad!

happy easter!
March 23, 2008, 12:36 pm
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I’m about to OD on chocolate but I haven’t been posting much lately so here I am! I think it’s time for another issue of “things I wish I could buy off of eBay but I cannot because I am broke”. At least I can look at the pictures, right? :P

I quite like this dress! The biggest thing on my wishlist right now is patterned dresses and skirts, since I’ve only got one skirt with anything on it and I’ve lost the only dress that I had somewhere in my room…and it was just solid grey! I need to get myself to a thrift shop with my measly $20 allowance ASAP. Anyways, this dress is going for seven bucks right now, so maybe if nobody’s bidded on it before it’s up I’ll try and grab it.

This is exactly the kind of dress that I would have thought was HIDEOUS a year or so ago, but now I absolutely love the gross colours and weird pattern. It’s the kind of thing that my friends would be rolling their eyes at and saying, “only you would think to wear something like that!” Which, really, is usually what I’m going for.

BOOOTTTSS! Oh, boots, how I long for you. And these ones are pretty versatile! I really just need something to throw on over tights or skinnies, and these are sorta cowboy-ish but not too over-the-top. And they’re in my huge size! Any other 10’s out there?

Okay, okay, enough torturing myself. All this clothing talk makes me want to dress up for Easter dinner tonight, but since half of my family will probably still be in PJ’s I think I might pass.

i got a little blue box!
March 20, 2008, 9:05 pm
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My camera battery is dead because I forgot to charge it AGAIN, so sadly, crap webcam photos will have to do. My boyfriend got me this necklace, and I really love it. There’s a pretty big story behind it, but you guys probably don’t want to hear it because I tend to get pretty long-winded when talking about my man…so here are some pictures!

Tiffany & Co!!?!?!?!?!?!? For MOI? (Seriously. Such a cute box!)


That’s right, bitches. I make faces like a duck and wear fancy jewelry!

So as you can probably tell, I’m pretty happy. Tiffany might be extremely overpriced but since this is probably the only “expensive” jewelry I will ever own and Tiffany & Co is so iconic, it makes it all the more special.

Oh, and I would post my outfit for today, but I’m ashamed to admit to you that I wore my school sweats out in public today. I HAD TO! Me and my 8-year-old cousin went for a snowboarding lesson since he is visiting from Oklahoma for spring break with his parents. Sadly, since this is the only spring break in Calgary that I can recall without snow, we had to go to a hill that produces their own! We had fun falling on our butts, even if we weren’t very stylish…

March 18, 2008, 8:18 pm
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So these are the second pair that I’ve made, and I like these a LOT more. When the bleach was first on them before I threw them into the washer, the splotches were all a gross yellow colour and I was convinced I had ruined a great-fitting pair of jeans. But when they came out, I fell in love!

(nice dorky picture of me in my kitchen taken by my dad!)

Jeans: Shank/my extreme dyeing skills
Jacket: Vintage
Vest: AA
Tunic: Forever 21 I think?
Scarf: Old scrap fabric
Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: Blackspot

I am seriously soooo in love with these pants. The best part? Everyone at my school has realized that I’m an art/fashion nerd and I don’t get nearly as many “wtf-is-that?!?!” glances anymore. Depending on the day, this is either really good or really bad, but today I was glad that everyone that commented on my pants thought they were awesome.

In case you were wondering, all I did was throw ’em in the tub, get them wet (but don’t fill the tub with water), and then splash bleach over them straight out of the bottle. It works shockingly fast so flip them over quick and do the other side! Then rinse them out and wash them immediately. As long as you get the bleach out before the fabric starts to really weaken, you should be good!