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happy easter!
March 23, 2008, 12:36 pm
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I’m about to OD on chocolate but I haven’t been posting much lately so here I am! I think it’s time for another issue of “things I wish I could buy off of eBay but I cannot because I am broke”. At least I can look at the pictures, right? :P

I quite like this dress! The biggest thing on my wishlist right now is patterned dresses and skirts, since I’ve only got one skirt with anything on it and I’ve lost the only dress that I had somewhere in my room…and it was just solid grey! I need to get myself to a thrift shop with my measly $20 allowance ASAP. Anyways, this dress is going for seven bucks right now, so maybe if nobody’s bidded on it before it’s up I’ll try and grab it.

This is exactly the kind of dress that I would have thought was HIDEOUS a year or so ago, but now I absolutely love the gross colours and weird pattern. It’s the kind of thing that my friends would be rolling their eyes at and saying, “only you would think to wear something like that!” Which, really, is usually what I’m going for.

BOOOTTTSS! Oh, boots, how I long for you. And these ones are pretty versatile! I really just need something to throw on over tights or skinnies, and these are sorta cowboy-ish but not too over-the-top. And they’re in my huge size! Any other 10’s out there?

Okay, okay, enough torturing myself. All this clothing talk makes me want to dress up for Easter dinner tonight, but since half of my family will probably still be in PJ’s I think I might pass.


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Loved the blog.

Comment by Xanthe

Ooo nice finds! =] I have to start shopping in ebay… I’m missing out.


Comment by mywoodenrobot

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