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i made something that doesn’t suck!
March 31, 2008, 9:09 pm
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I had basically long given up hope of making something wearable using my sewing machine, but it appears that I may have pulled it off. Thanks to this refreshingly simple tutorial, I’ve got my very own puff skirt made of random fabric from my basement.

(My “I’m shocked it doesn’t suck” face.)

The pattern! Delightfully grandma-esque?

Now, for anyone else, sewing a skirt like this would be an exceedingly easy task. Thing is, my sewing machine hates me and wishes I was dead, so I had to fight with it for half an hour before finally deciding that my knowledge (grade 7 fashion studies…erm…) was not enough to fix the problem. 5 minutes of Googling and I realized I should check my thread tension, which was the problem of course. And now I can actually use my sewing machine! Which of course got me thinking about making more complicated stuff. I think I am going to try and talk my mom into going to the sewing shop with me this weekend and buying a dress pattern and some fabric. I’ll keep you posted on how THAT turns out…but now I must finish the homework I put off to make this lovely skirt!


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