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oh, topshop…
April 2, 2008, 9:01 pm
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Everyone loves online shopping. (Well, almost everyone.) I’m an avid online browser since I have neither money nor my own credit card, but lately I’ve been trying to stop torturing myself by avoiding looking at the millions of beautiful items that I cannot have. But tonight, I broke down and visited the Topshop site…and to be honest, I didn’t find that much stuff that I absolutely loved. I was especially expecting more in the shoe department. This is a relief! I’m not missing out on much that I am dying to have. Here’s some of the stuff that I do like:

Frill Detail Tea Dress, £45.00

This dress could go so many ways, depending on what it was worn with. This + a leather jacket + boots = classic juxtaposition of styles! Yay! The ruffle is also pretty freaking cute, and I like the fit.

Paintbrush Tulip Silk Skirt, £50.00

I like this skirt because the pattern speaks for itself. You wouldn’t have to put a ton of thought into making the rest of the outfit interesting, because the skirt itself is so damn interesting! It’s a lot more bold then the tiny floral prints floating around lately, but that also makes it harder to mix with other patterns if you so desire.

Embroidered Pinstripe Short, £40.00

Now these shorts, I love. They’re REALLY short, which is even more exaggerated on me because of my ridiculously spindly legs, but it would totally be worth the laughs my friends would get. I can see myself throwing on a brightly coloured tank and tucking it into these all summer. So easy, but the embroidery makes it way more interesting!

Well, I guess Topshop ain’t all that bad…


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Really love those shorts. The embroidery almost looks like doodles.

Comment by ambika

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