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April 2, 2008, 6:34 pm
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I finally went thrifting after school today with my friend and my mom! Since I was inspired by this post and started cleaning out my closet, I feel like I have a better idea of the stuff I want to buy that I will actually end up wearing and will work with the other stuff in my wardrobe.

This is a gorgeous scarf! And it’s really soft. I don’t really have any scarves in this colour scheme, so I thought it was worth the dollar I spent on it. It’s nice and big, too.

Belts! I realized a couple weeks ago that I’ve been craving a braided belt forever, and I knew that I would find several in any thrift store. Sure enough, there were three in the second one that I visited! The belt on top is a really sweet neutral belt to wear around my waist. All of my belts are bright colours, so I thought some plain ones might let my outfits speak for themselves without taking too much of the show. These were $1 each.

These are nice sneaker-y flats with a t-strap type thing going on. I really want to wear them with contrasting tights, or n tights at all when it heats up, just so that the strap is more visible. And they’re kinda shiny! $4.

What are these even called? Y-straps? Well, I don’t care, because even though these are a bit tight I love them. I’ve been wearing them around for a bit and they don’t seem that uncomfortable at all, thank goodness! They’re more lavender then in this picture, and I think they look better from the front. But since these are sorta in-between flats and heels, maybe I can use them to transition myself into actually wearing my heels outside of the house…hmm. These were also $4.

This is what I am wearing right now! I got a little chilly so I threw it on, and it is going to look great with leggings ’cause it goes past my butt. It doesn’t look nearly as long in the picture as it actually is! And mmm, cozy. I put back a bunch of crazy 80’s sweaters today because even my mom couldn’t stand to look at them and since spring will have to come eventually, even in Calgary, it’s probably not the best idea to be buying more. But something drew me to this one! $2.

I know what you’re thinking, and yes, it’s true. This is indeed the most awesome men’s shirt ever created. I tried it on with a belt and it looks awesome! Something to wear when I don’t feel like putting together something complicated is always a good thing. Especially for $2!

FABRIC!!! I’ve decided that I really need to learn how to properly sew, so I found some interesting prints out of the fabric bin. The flowered one on the right will probably turn into a dress because there’s loads of it, and the other two will probably turn into more puff skirts. And buying fabric from thrift stores is SO much cheaper then getting it from a fabric shop! The two on the top and the left were both $1.50, and the one on the right was $7.00 (and there is a LOT!). Which brings us to…

…patterns! The one on the left is a little bit 90’s, but I think I can figure out how to move the waistline up and change it a bit. The one on the right looks dead simple and is a bit boring, but I can definitely embellish it somehow. And to be honest, when it comes to my sewing skills, simple is VERRRRY good. And these were only 25 cents! My mom said that patterns at fabric stores are getting really expensive, which sucks because there’s really not a lot of selection when you’re digging through thrift shops for something that is a) your size and b) something you would actually wear. But to be honest, a lot of the patterns that I’ve seen in fabric shops seem kind of boring, so I’ll probably end up resorting to eBay.

Well, I’ll probably start on a dress tonight if I can get through my homework…wish me and my evil sewing machine luck!


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oh wow, I need to go thrifting, been craving scarves too!

Comment by 7thstreetstudio

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