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April 4, 2008, 4:11 pm
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Went to H&M with my mom today to get some cheap but slave-made clothes. I came back with a pair of jeans that is JUST long enough (a miracle! and if they shrink, they will look good cuffed too) and a top.

Mmmm, highwaisty! They’re not quite up to my waist but certainly higher then I am used to. Perfect for tucking tank tops into. And I got them for $20 on sale!

The top! I love the details on this, but I was thinking of cutting off the bottom and using it for something else. That would make the shirt into just a plain old tank, but then I would probably have to take in the sides so it fit me better…and I dunno if I could do that without destroying it! Well, I guess I will wear it a few times and decide if I want to take the plunge.

H&M didn’t have nearly as much cool stuff as the first time I went! Then again, the last time I went was at the grand opening, which was sometime last summer I think. But maybe since I’m trying to buy stuff that I will actually wear, I’m just being more realistic with the stuff that I buy, and not buying things that have qualities I don’t like (but I ignore until after I’ve bought it). Hmm…that could be a very good thing for my closet space and my wallet!


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