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April 4, 2008, 7:22 pm
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I absolutely LOVE wardrobe_remix. Unfortunately, since I’m trying to keep my Flickr account to artistic photography and portraits, I can’t bring myself to upload any of my daily outfits…but I sure do browse. So I’m going to imitate a few other awesome blogs I read and post my favourites!

Something about this totally draws me to it. The red tights are perfect! And the detail on the shoes is amazing (click the picture to go to the Flickr page).

You’ve gotta see the detail to appreciate this outfit, especially in the layering of the tights! Simple and lovely, and I could definitely do something like this with the green sweater I bought a couple posts ago.

One of my favourite remixers, it girl_rag doll. So effortless and yet so, so awesome! Especially loving those shoes.

Mmmm, all of these outfits are making me want spring even more, and some more tights, too. I looked EVERYWHERE at H&M but I couldn’t find any! I guess I’m coming at the wrong time of year, which really sucks because it’s not going to be warm enough here for bare legs until May at least. I’ll probably end up going to the Bay and buying black tights in a huge size in the hopes that they’ll stay opaque, but maybe spring will surprise me and show up. Every blog I’ve been reading lately is dying for spring, except for those lucky bloggers who live in the warmer climates, and I’m dying for it too.


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