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April 6, 2008, 6:11 pm
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Another reason that I simply cannot wait for summer is my itch to bike. And that itch is definitely worsening after stumbling upon this wonderful blog! Check out how chic these women are while biking.

Looks like Copenhagen is a freaking haven for cyclers. So not fair! Calgary’s still so behind. There’s a couple teensy tiny bike lanes on some of the roads here, and bike paths, but nothing like the space that these lucky Eurpoeans get. This makes biking a rather daunting task, especially if I have to travel on main roads that are still covered in gravel from winter. Eek! Also, none of them are wearing helmets…and since it’s the law where I live that everyone under 18 must wear a helmet while biking, I tend to look a little (okay, WAY) less fabulous then the above. I found some pretty cool helmets on I’m especially loving the 8-ball ones, because a lot of the prints seem pretty predictable and hard to match to an outfit.

And…the bikes. The wonderful bikes! I think I might fall asleep dreaming of wonderful vintage bicycles tonight. These are all WAY out of my price range and more for collecting then riding, but still, nice to look at!

(All bikes from

So. Awesome. Maybe I can hunt down a bike that’s more recent, but still old enough to be interesting. Like my dad’s old one that he refuses to get rid of…hmmm…


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I would love a vintage bike. Until then I suppose I will just borrow my sister’s boring one, which at least gets me around…

Comment by The Clothes Horse

Yes I’m completely with you – I want a bike as well for when I move to Edinburgh in September to start my masters. I’d like one with the wide curved handle-bars – not sure what they’re called. Would it be silly to put tassles on the handles?

Comment by Amy

Ok, time to get my bike tuned up. and ride around in a skirt (with tights) and heels – lol.

Comment by Hailey

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