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my favourite inspiration, joni
April 7, 2008, 7:41 pm
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Joni Mitchell inspires me in countless ways. Her music is incredible, and I was so proud when I learned how to play one of my favorite songs of hers (Chelsea Morning). The style that she plays varies album to album, but there is always a strong thread through her work that makes it so completely her own. She’s an activist, an artist, and Canadian, all like me! When she started out in the industry, it was even harder for women then it is now, and I really respect her for making such a huge name for herself. My love for her was inherited from my mom, who has listened to her since forever. Recently I started looking up pictures of her, and she is incredibly beautiful. Her style is effortless and bohemian, and she’s with her guitar in a lot of pictures. And the hair!

I like her jacket in this one, and the snow/rural road behind her. GO CANADA!

She suits the place she is in so well!

What a great dress. And love the bare feet.

I think the above has got to be my favourite…the belt and the necklaces and the sleeves are just PERFECT. And so is the look on her face!

Same dress as a couple pictures ago, and the guitar looks great with it. Her hair is so beautiful! I’m totally growing mine out to look like this.

Beret! She’s still got a subtle style even as she grows older.

The clothes that she wore/wears suit her very nicely, and you can tell she’s comfortable in them. Sigh. I want to be a guitar goddess! Although I think I’ll need a little more then 2 years of practicing to be as good as Joni is.


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A brilliant artist no doubt. She was, and still is, a gorgeous lady.

Comment by Michelle

Oh i love love love this blog! Keep up the good work! I added you to my blog roll!

Comment by luxenoir

She’s incredibly natural isn’t she? She has a kind of effortless beauty that, I’d guess, probably comes from being completely happy with who she is. Great post :)

Comment by Amy

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