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April 12, 2008, 6:44 pm
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It’s hard to write this entry without sounding like I’m making up lies to get attention, so I’ll just say it. The major modelling organization in my area, Mode, wants me to model for them. They send their girls to serious stuff, and a lot of models have hit it big with Mode as their mother agent. “SO DO IT!” you might be thinking. “Girls dream about becoming a model, and you actually have the chance!” There’s a voice inside my head telling me this, too, but something is wrong. I just don’t know if I could enter an industry like the world of fashion with a clear conscience. I’d have to lose an inch to be able to do runway shows, and I don’t know if I’d like being constantly scrutinized. I’d have to take the tunnels out of my ears and I wouldn’t be able to get any new piercings. But the main problem I have with it is that I would be encouraging consumerism. I know that it can’t exactly be stopped, and that if I don’t model for a certain brand somebody else will, but it would still bother me. But, on the other hand…I would get to see the world, and a lot of models use their experience in front of the camera to get into the industry behind it. My dream is to become a photographer, and that would be a lot easier if I had a modelling background and a way in. Sigh…I don’t know what to do. I guess I’ll have to just keep thinking about it and hope I can make up my mind.


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if you could look back at your life when you’re like 100 years old, you’d probably would have wished you’d taken the opportunity. if it’s not for you, then you’ll be proud you stayed true to yourself and stopped doing it!

Comment by selina

It is a tough decision. I think you should try it–if it does become the things you dislike you can stop. But there are so many oppurtunities, such as traveling that arise from such a position. Iekeline Stange similarily is quoted for having to tone down her style when she got signed–she couldn’t dye her hair or shave her head crazily as she previously did, but she also brought geek glasses and unique style to a wider audience at the same time…

Comment by The Clothes Horse

i see your point, and its a big decision to make. i agreed with the clothes horse, you can alway stop whenever you want. do you know who meagan collison is? shes from edmonton, and shes huge right now. shes with mode edmonton too. so ya, give it a shot, it would be a lifechanging experience!

Comment by 1234

Mode is a good agency, one of the biggest and best in Calgary, good luck!

Comment by Hailey

OMG – do it! I wanted to model when I was 14 but my hips and nose were too big, LOL! You are a smart girl and are correct – it could be a huge stepping stone for other endeavors. I actually look at your pics thinking “man, if she lived in my town i would snap her up to model for my store!”

Comment by Michelle

I’m not sure if you have heard about that,but the spanish government has just accepted a law which is against leanness,and as I heard it’ll be accepted worldwide,so i guess strict diets and starving will be both banned.
I think if modeling means completely giving up your principles, and basically yourself, if i were you i wouldnt do it. On the other hand it is such a good experience,and you can get to see the world,moreover,i guess you’ll earn money….
you should definetly consider both side!:)

ps.:i’d like to be a photographer as well:]

Comment by Adri

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