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April 21, 2008, 6:01 pm
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This whole winter in the middle of April thing? IT NEEDS TO END! I’ve got a whole bunch of skirts that I’m dying to wear but I can’t. Grrr!!! So, for the…third (or possibly fourth) day in a row, I’m not going to post my outfit! Sweaters, jeans, and sneakers just gets boring after a while. And it’s all I’ve been wanting to wear lately! As the weather goes downhill so does my luck…as my boyfriend was walking me to the bus stop on Friday, a car drove by and started pelting us with snowballs. Being the wimps that we are (my boyfriend would tell me to speak for myself here), we ran behind his friend’s house and into the ravine to go to the other bus stop. Of course, me being me, I fell down the hill about 6 times…and one of those times, my wallet fell out of my back pocket! :( We made it all the way to the bus before I realized it was gone, so of course we ran back, but to no avail. His mom ended up having to drive me home through the storm! And it hasn’t improved, either. The sun is trying to break through but no luck. Well, at least I have a chance of finding my wallet when the snow melts, but my outfits might be pretty boring until then…so, just to torture myself, I’m going to post pictures of what I WISH I could wear tomorrow!

Um, oh my god, PERFECTION. The hair, the matchy matchy, and the shapes… and the caption is “taking a break from studying at the library”. Nerd chic done so amazingly well. She also has my dream hair! Maybe I will freeze to death tomorrow but look cute while doing it…I’m inspired now!


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Hey love ur blog. would u like to link?

Comment by Fashion Ivy

I like your hair below. Mode sounds very exciting. I would love to get to backstage at a shoot. And the matchy look does rock.

Comment by The Clothes Horse

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