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May 12, 2008, 4:43 pm
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I am in love with this site! lets you upload your own outfits and join a community of creative people. Tons of inspiration on here and lots of really interesting style! It’s invite only, so leave a comment if you want to join and I’ll invite you. :)


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Ooooh! Pick me!
Haha, really though, it looks awesome! Have you checked out chictopia?

Comment by rightasrainx

I found your blog via Google and there are some really provocative things here …!

I was wondering if I could get an invite? deuzma AT gmail DOT com

Comment by Brad T

very cool :) can you invite me?

Comment by suzanne

this looks interesting! could i please get an invite? much thanks!

Comment by daniel

Its really great you’re inviting people, i love look – book! Please can i have an invite?
p.s, totally random but i’m drinking green tea atm! woop,, love it!

Comment by Sukii

Lookbook is cool. Have you checked out Stylemob ( or Fashhh ( I think those sites have a little more to offer, tho :)

Comment by Johnny Brail


Comment by free

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Comment by free

Hi! I was wondering if you were still offering people invites to lookbook? I found your site, randomly, and love it. Now you’ve made me want to join lookbook! What should I do? It may be too late, but let me know! Thanks

Comment by supererogatory

hey your site is awesome, lots of interesting sections. Could you send me an invite to lookbook like the others^!? thank you

Comment by william

i really want to join i completly love the idea, layout… everything. my email is and you can see my outfits on

Comment by vision

Thank you so much for featuring this! I need to revamp my blog into a fashion one so I can get an account there!

Comment by Adam

would absolutely love an invite if you wouldn’t mind terribly.
adore lookbook and have been meaning to get one for ages.

Comment by Azzara

=)) invite please, btw ive been on ure site for a while today, digg the styleeee !!!

Comment by cj

1. Where are you?! Summer’s over!
2. Invitation? :)

Comment by Rachel

Hey , i’ve been looking for an invite for ages..i’m in love with this site..if it’s not much a problem it would be great to send me an invite..thanx ..xoxo

Comment by Serena

hi … im loving ur page , im 19 and living in thailand .. currently a recordin artist and still lost with finding a truly unique style, would love some inspiration from lookbook .. i would really appreciate an invite ! thank youuu

Comment by LL

if you still have invites and can hook me up with one, i’d be forever grateful. :)

Comment by jennifer

am i too late for asking an invite? i found this post through google. i still waiting to accept on lookbook without invitation. and it took an agesss. i’d love the invitation. would you? i’d appreaciate it. thanks. mrs.fabian(at)rocketmail(dot)com

Comment by onic

Still giving out invites? I would love one if you were.
Thanks. Love your site.

Comment by Hana

If your still giving out invites could I have one please? I’d be really grateful!
thanks – ebonyldn[at]gmail[dot]com

Comment by Ebony

Hello, I’m loving your blog. Good work. I found it recently and have been looking over old posts and stuff, just found this, Lookbook is so cool! thanks for alerting me to it! If you’re still doing invites I would love one!

Comment by Juzzard

im obsessed with, id love an invite if youre still sending some :)
ps: i always enjoy reading your blog


Comment by j S

Dear! I´m loving lookbook too =)

The minute my boyfriend saw the site he told me “oh my good this is just what you need!” since I don´t know many people who heart style and fashion the way that I do.

I´d love to get an invite. You´ll make a fan of yours for life. Can´t wait to see your looks !

Thank you so much ♥

Comment by cynthia

can i get an invite :)

Comment by mimzi

hey there, an invite would be much appreciated

Comment by oz

hello!! i loveee the website but i can’t find invitation to register… :( So, please, would you invite me?
Thanks =) =)


Comment by pauline

Hey! Greetings from Lithuania. Could i get an invitation too? Would appreciate that =)

Comment by Simona

i know its annoying as hell to invite all these people, but i’d really appreciate an invite. im so impatient i dont want to have to wait to get my blog approved, haha. thanks so much if you do this :)

Comment by rachel

Hello! If you are still inviting people onto lookbook then can you please invite me?

I’ve been dying to join this community for a very very long time but I do not know anyone who has an account!

Please and thank you so much!

Comment by Vinny

I would love to join! I’ve been looking on the site for weeks and i would appreciate it greatly if you could invite me.
Thank you so much if you do :)

Comment by Nasti

I would love to join too! Please invite me if it’s ok with you, this is my email;
Thnks xx

Comment by Ely B

well hello there ;)
Gosh coming into this one late..but I’d love to join if your still willing to give codes.
I’ll tottaly take you out to lunch or something.
Thanks so much, Joe

Comment by Joe

I was wondering if there´s any invitation left for a fashion lover here.
My mail is Thanks!

Comment by teri

Hey there :) I’d like an invite if you any left.

Comment by Frankie


i’d really love an invite if you’ve still got any!


Comment by sheryl

can you send me invite too? it would be awesome :)


Comment by Elina

Hope it’s not too late, but I would like to have an invitation for membership to Thanks so much!!! :D

Comment by kacis

can you send me invite too ? im a fashion lovers, i need this invitation so much.. thanks :D

Comment by kacis

lookbook is amazing, i’d love to join, i hope it’s not too late to ask you for the code, if you don’t mind! :)

Comment by pixieinpixels

Lookbook is sooo great, i’m completely in love with it too!
I would be greatful if u could invite me please, hope it’s not too late to ask.
Thanx )

Comment by lemonadelight

Hey Robin,
think its pretty cool you’re offering to invite people to lookbook. Iv just sent my application through and am currently waiting for a response..dont know how long that will take! Anyway if you wouldnt mind inviting me that would be awesome.. and in return to others I think il do what youve done and invite other people to jump on the look book wagon! anyway i started a blog this evening so you’re welcome to check it out it is iv literally got one post on their atm but feel free to comment! o by the way my email adress is for that invite.
thanks alot xmegs

Comment by MEGAN

Hope I’m not too late, but I’d love an invite please, thanks.

Comment by Lala

ooooh, could you invite me to lookbook please? that would be soooo cool!

Comment by nici

wow, i’m unbelievably late. ;3;
would i still be able to get an invite please and thank you?

Comment by Jo

I’m passionate about fashion & would love an invite! LOVE!

Comment by Kelly

I would LOVE an invite!
I hope I’m not too late!


Comment by alice sea


I ADORE lookbook!
I’ve been waiting soo long to be accepted!
It would make my day if you could send me an invite :)
Thank you!xxxxxx :)

Comment by Hollie

your post was SO long ago, but i would loove love love/kill for an invite for lookbook!
thank yoooooou! love your blog!

Comment by stacy

Oh cool i love that site. It will be greatly appreciated for an invite:) Thx dood!

Comment by chris

Ooh. I recently discovered Lookbook
and I absolutely love it!
Thing is, I don’t have a fashion blog
or any blog for that matter, so if you could…
please send me a code too? ^^;;

Thanks in advance !! x

Comment by Michael C.

i’d LOVE to join to society HELL MUCH ! .

Comment by qcpassok

Is it too late for me to ask for an invite? I really want one ^.^
Please invite me if you can.

Comment by Kristina

Dear Robin,
Like Megan, I sent my application into Lookbook a while ago and still have not received a response. it’s too bad because I live in Alberta, Canada, the fashion capital of canada (Dripping with sarcasm). So I unfortunately know no one on the site. This is too bad because I am really passionate about fashion and the creativity that is shown. If you could invite me I would really appreciate it.

My email is
i hope i don’t get spammed

Thank you so much for your Consideration!
Rachel Johns

Comment by Rachel Johns

I would be very interested in an invite!
I hope it’s not too late??
email is: katiechiba6 AT yahoo DOT com

Comment by Kate

Hey im a 20year old fashion student from Istanbul
and would love to join lookbook
it means a lot to me to be able to get inspired by so many artistic email is
thx a lot!!

Comment by Piti

invite please! if it’s not too late. thank you so much! email:

Comment by kristin

this is late, i know, but i would really love an invite..?


Comment by Stephanie

please invite me if its not too late!


Comment by Zoe

if it’s not too late, i’d love an invite!
i’ve been dying to join – i practically live on it haha!

thanks, and happy holidays!

Comment by Mya

can you please send me an invite as well? :)

Comment by ym

oh can you invite me? :)
i’ve applied to them but it hink they won’t get back to me :((

Comment by saraaaa

I recently began going on lookbook and now I’m hooked. If your still sending invites here’s my email
thanks & happy new year!

Comment by loveyy

can you send me an invite please. i love this site.

Comment by ciffer

agh.. almost forgot.

Comment by ciffer

could you send me an invite pls, thanks in advance

Comment by Ace

i’m really interested in the site, could you send an invite… thanks

Comment by Pheezy

i would love, love, love an invite.
the email is
thanks in advance!

Comment by Annie Mac

interesting. this could just be th site for me. :)
i’d love an invite, please & thank you. :)

Comment by sami

Hey, could you send me an invite? I love your blog! I just found out about Lookbook and I’m really psyched about it. I don’t really know anyone here that uses it, it’s kinda rare to find fashion-conscious people here! I would really appreciate it!

Comment by Kimora

I would love an invite! don’t know anyone on lookbook so this would be fantastic. just send me an email:)
thank youu! x

Comment by Lia

Can you send me an invite please? I’d really appreciate it!

Comment by Alvina

Hey!!! i know its been a while since you wrote this, but im really really desperate to be invited to LookBook. Im launching a clothing line, I love the arts, and im addicted to photographs so please….please… if you got any invites or know someone who has, let me know!!!
Thanks a lot for your time! Have a nice day!

Comment by Luz A.

i want an invite pleas

Comment by sexlessparents

invite please,

Comment by sexlessparents

hey! i know i’m very late but could i please have an invite? I would be forever grateful!
thank you.

Comment by callan

ooh, i would so adore you for life if i could please have an invite!

Comment by kat

Pleaseee sent me an invite! xx

Comment by frederica

Do you think you could extend the invite?



Comment by Christine

are you still giving out invites?
could i please have one?

thank you so much

Comment by demetria

Still giving out invites?
Can I have one? Please?

Thank You so much. :)

Comment by Igem

are you still giving out invites? If so, can I please have one?? =]

Comment by Valerie Cardoso

if you can, can you please invite me? thanks!! love your blog btw. =]

Comment by lala

hey, can i have an invite to lookbook? it would be perfect (;

Comment by Cory

A friend showed me the website (LookBook) and i wanted to register.. surprised as i was, i needed a ‘invitation code’ to register.
So yeah, Would you kindly invite me, Please?
Thanks a million.

Comment by Dill

I checked out lookbook and loved it!
An invite would be fabulous :)

Comment by Jacqueline Fitzpatrick

i want to join ^^


Comment by Bazuuka

oh gosh you are an angel! I’ve been dying to join!

please invite me

thanks a lot!!!!

Comment by anakix

omg u r so great, can u send me one too? i’m dying to get one.pllleeeeaaaaseee i want one

Comment by Matt

would love an invite! x)

Comment by d.

inviteeee! please, thanks!

Comment by Nch

hi, i have been looking on this site for ages and really wanting to join! could you possibly invite me? i promise to hype you :)

Comment by allie

hi, i have been looking on this site for ages and really wanting to join! could you possibly invite me? i promise to hype you :)


Comment by allie

I love that site
If your still offering i’d love an invite

Comment by Ally

could somebody invite me please?

Comment by maslana

Could you invite me if you’re still giving out the invitations?
It would mean a World to me..
Promise to HYPE you!

Comment by Chloe

I’ve been trying forever to get an invitation to lookbook!
please please send me one if you are still giving em out!
you are so cute!

Comment by Hana

It would be great if you could send me an invitation…

Comment by Olli

heeey could someone please please please send me an invitation :)
my email is:

Comment by Eli

i’ve been wanting an account for a millenium. i’ve just kicked my guts enough to apply, but that was a month and half ago and I JUST CANT WAIT!!!!
love it if can help me out :)

Comment by Liane V

btw my email is
i got so excited i forgot to tell you my email sorry! LOL

Comment by Liane V

heyyy i found you blog when i was googling how to get a lookbook! i woudl really appreciate if you could get me an invite because i am an aspiring art student and am really interested in fashion and photography and would absolutely love an account. thanks sooo much! you can email me at

Comment by leah

Hi ! I have the same comment as leah posted previously. I’ve wanted to get a lookbook forever and i requested it but invitations haven’t been available. I would love it so much if you could invite me, honestly it would make my day, possibly my month. my email is:
thanks again (:

Comment by Adrian

thanksssss :)

Comment by Dani

i loooove lookbook!!
am i too late to hop on the invite bandwagon??
like a loser…i don’t have a blog — just facebook and myspace.
i’ve got a few random photos there.
buuuut i’d love to join soooo much!!
i tried making a blog, but…i’m totally unsuited for the blog-world. oh well…

Comment by Ria

i love fashion, and i hope you can accept me on lookbook, im always sitting and admiring others outfits on the site. but i want a chance to show what i got! i dont have any fashion shots on my myspace, but if you email me i could defenitley send you some!

Comment by Ashley Bernier

hello, i would love an invite for i have such an inspiration for fashion ! i would be so delighted, thankyou so much xxo

Comment by Louise

Hi :)

I’m so glad i found somebody to help me become a part of this community!! Please, could you invite me? I would love to become a member, i’ll do whatever it takes lol i could hype your styles if you want, or whatever you decide ;)
I want it so bad! Please help me!

Merci beaucoup!

Loads of love!

Deiney aka MademoiselleCreamy from France

Comment by mademoisellecreamy

Oh my gosh! If offers are still up, I’d LOVE for you to invite me. :|:|:|

Comment by Gia

maybe i dont really have a fashion blog
but can u invite me to LOokBook please?
i’ll be appreciate it

Comment by Narita

pls can u send me once again thanks

Comment by Narita

i love that site too. just dont know anyone who has one. love to have an invite :]

Comment by Michele

please send me an invite?!

Comment by Jess

can i have one too? :)

Comment by samantha

Hi, I know its been like a year, but if its still possible, I would love an invite to :)

Comment by Anna Mudrenko

Hey there,

i adore your style!!!
and i would love an invite

Comment by janet

I have been dying to get onto lookbook for a while now. I really hope the offer still stands. I own a vontage store in L.A. and if you can still invite me, I will offer you some of my pieces for free. :)
An invitation would be lovely,

Comment by sarah

please i can’t stand anymore! i also want to be on lookbook! please send me an invitation! i would be so happy! please please please!


Comment by jake

Hi, can i have an invite too. thanks!

Comment by austin

I’d love an invite if you can!


Comment by Alina

hi! please, give me invite, if you can:)

Comment by vladimir

Hey, can u plzz send me an invite if possible would appreciate it big time!!

Comment by LP

hey! i have been browsing like everyday since last year and i would like to join it! Please send me an invite code! That will be very very very much appreciated!

Comment by PH.Ling

I just discovered this site, I never knew something like this could exist. I love the creativty that each person shares & has. I would def bring the same.

I would love to join; it would be very lovely if you would invite me :]



Comment by Stacy

Hey! I would love an invite for! Im a fashion merchandising major and love to look at creative styles from around the world, if you have any invites left please let me know! Thank you!

Comment by Mary Fran

i know this is very late and must be incredibly annoying having everyone asking the same thing, but you offered so…
is there any way you can still invite me?

Comment by Giovanna

I am desperate to join lookbook! I’ve been obsessed with it for years but I don’t know anyone to invite me and i tried to apply but it work.
So, if you have any invites please let me know, as i will be very, very thankful if you give me one!
– Georgia

Comment by Georgia Kavanagh

Please send me one too!!!!!!! email is

Comment by dea

pleasee ! i love this site too :P
and i want an invite so bad :P
please would you send me an invitation?

Comment by fabiolaa

Hey there,
ive been looking everywhere for an invite, so please can you send me one?
Im doing a fashion/photography study so lookbook would be a big helpful thing :)

Comment by Bramm

Please invite me. I have wanted to show my style for a while.


Comment by Riley Bilgo

Please invite me!!!

Comment by funkxitxup

I really need an invite.. please send me one , I’d really appreciate it :)

Comment by Rikki

I know it’s too late now but can you ivite me to lookbook? I’d appreciate it(: Thank you so much…

Comment by London

Hello! I need an invite fo lookbook.
Russia don’t forget your help))) invite me)

Comment by Eshkin_Kot

I’m looking for an invite for I’d be in your debt if you could send me one! <3

Comment by Raychel Cee

hey hey
id like to be invited to Lookbook please,
i study fashion design so would be really helpful

Comment by Amelia Conway

oh yeah —

Comment by Amelia Conway

Hey Robin:) I found your blog via Google. Are you still giving invitations? Im wondering if I could get an invite:) Thanks. Keep it up.
yuki ^_^

Comment by cybele haaven

oh yeah my email:

thanks robin:)

Comment by cybeleh haaven

Id like to be invited to Lookbook please and I hope it’s not too late =)

my email :

thanks robin ^^

Comment by lam

Hello, I am loving your profile! You are absolutely gorgeous, and I love your style.

I was wondering if I could get an invite on lookbook? :)

Comment by Christina Martha

Hi! Love the site! I was hoping for an invite to, if the offer still stands? Thank you!

Comment by Raveena

Hey i was just wondering if you could send me an invite code please.
I’m a 15 year old girl from France and I’d love to join Lookbook, but i cant because of the invite code .
thank you :)

Comment by Camille

Hi, I would love to be invited to join

I’ve been dying to get an invitation since donkey years ago. Can you please help? Thank you(:(:(:

Comment by Shulin

i’m desperate to join lookbook, please please please could you send me a code? i’d be eternally grateful!

Comment by rachel b

:) wow, pleeeeeeeeease invite me! i’ve been looking for someone to invite me for absolutely ages, and you’re the first person i’ve been able to find! please :):)
-love jayde xoxo

Comment by Jayde

could you send me an invite code to that would be great.:) i love lookbook!

Comment by aladin

sorry….. my e-mail adress is:

Comment by aladin

R U really inviting people to join lookbook!!?i would absolutly LOVE an invite to lookbook!! i’ve been checking it out for a while now and when i finally decided to join i was SO bummed about it being invite only and have been looking for an invite evr since!

Comment by tiffany cosiales

Oh my good, really you can invite me in lookbook?
I’m so exciting, I love lookbook, every day a I check!please can you send me the code?

Thank you :D

Comment by Muunttsa

Hey, I was wondering if you could send me your invite code? I’d really appreciate it! Thanks.

Comment by Julie

hi:) i would like to join lookbook, but i cant get invite code anyhow. could you send me it please? i would be really happy:)

Comment by maiki

Hello dear,

I’ve been trying to join LB for months with no luck! This site means a lot to me. I have many looks accumulated that i’m dying to share with the world.

I would love an invite from you!

Comment by jennifer d

Hey!ILY and your site.Very intriguing,eh?Would you please invite me to LB?Thanks love.

Comment by bellavictorina

are you still inviting people….i LOVE this site i’ve been trying to get invited for a while!!!

Comment by Justin

still inviting. ? : )i would love a invite :)

Comment by Even

hi! are you still inviteing ppl :S ??

Comment by Hector

Hola…i wud LOVE to join lookbook…plz choose mi 2 join lookbook…n chictopia iz awesome too…

Comment by Valentina

can i get an invite? i would really love to join lookbook and i’ve sent them a message but haven’t gotten any feed back !

Comment by savannah

Cool, this post was posted on my birthday last year. I know it’s almost a year since this post, but I’m hoping you can send me a lookbook invite!

Thanks :D

Comment by Melissa

Are u still giving invitations?
I need an invite fo lookbook

pleaseee :D

Comment by maria waldron

Hey :) I don’t have a website but you can email me on or add me on facebook..

I would love to share my looks with lookbook and its fabulous inhabitants .


Comment by Kate Romanova

I do not have a website but please email me or invite me and I would love to share my looks with lookbook and its inhabitants.


Comment by Kate Romanova

hey!!! oh my gosh that’d be great if you could invite me?
ahh you’re the shittt :)

Comment by leanne

i would love tooo

Comment by keyona

give it 2 me!

Comment by gzck

I was wondering if I could get invite?


Comment by Maud

Would love to join. Check out my blog…not fashion, but funny, none-the-less.

Comment by mysweetmusings

I would love to join lookbook its a great site…
so please invite me.

Comment by Lani

If you’re still giving out invite’s, I’d truly appreciate one. (:

Comment by Sahara

i looked through all these comments, and i know i probably have a miserable chance
but could you please send me invitation?

would be eternally grateful, thanx a lot! <3

Comment by Adela


Comment by maria waldron

invite me please!

Comment by nykz d

I was wondering if you are still offering invitiations for lookbook? If so, I would honestly love to join. I have been browsing lookbook for a while, and I have just realized that it’s invite only. So I would really, really appreciate an invitation :) Thank you so SO much!

Comment by Mikhaila



Comment by maria waldron

hi, i know there are already lots of comments asking for it here but may you invite me? thank you!

Comment by amanda


Comment by maria waldron

i hope you can invite me too :)

Comment by rg

I’d love to join If you wouldn’t mind sending me an invite I’d love you forever:)

Comment by elly


thanks my lookbook is:

Comment by maria waldron

thank youuuu ! :)
and of course i’ll support you !

Comment by savannah

hey, i’d love to join Lookbook.
PLEASE send me an invite!
Thanks a bunch.

Comment by Rachel

Could you please invite me,too?
I love lookbook so much <3

Comment by Dani

please invite me,too !!!

Comment by Dani

i would love to get an invite to lookbook. i have been obsessed with it for ageees, and of course i applied but it seems to take years and years to be accepted via application.
please please please ha :D

Comment by izz

i dont know if you can see my email address, it’s:

Comment by izz

this is soo cool!! i LOVE fashion and i think i can bring something new to the table.. can i get an invite? xx

Comment by alison

please invite? fashion is a major passion of mine and i’d love to share my ideas on lookbook! x

Comment by viki ann

hiya! are you still sending invites??
i would really love to join lookbook, fashion is really thee only thing for mee! i just love how creative you could be with it!!!
and its soo inspiring!

could you send me an invite pretty please with a cherry on the top? :D

U ARE GENIOUS!. luuv ya! thanks!

Comment by crystal

i loveee, it’d be soo amazing if you could send me an invite.
Thanks so much!

Comment by lyz

hi, i would love an invite too! im completely obsessed with lookbook :) thanks so much! xxx

Comment by hannah

aaaaaaaaaaah, u have to give me an invitation!! ive been trying to get one so hard but i cant! pleaaaaaaase!!! am gonna love u! i want to be the first guatemalan girl in lookbook!!

Comment by Aninha

Could you invite me to?It’ll be amazing:)

Comment by Agness

I love lookbook ♥ if you have any invites left, I’d love one.

Comment by Cecelia

Hey, I would love to be invited to lookbook. I sent two requests, but no one is answering. So, please! I beg you, help me :D

Comment by Grethe Marita

i badly need an ivite. please send me one.

Comment by nykz

Awesome, could you please invite me as well? I already sent an invite but they are not responding. My email is Thank you very much!

Comment by Cher C

hey, I love lookbook.
Could you send me an invite please?
I’d Appreciate it more than anything.
Thanks! :)

Comment by M

please,someone send me an invite,because I loe!!!
my mail is:

Comment by Francesca

hi there! i’m in love with and would really like to get an invitation :) so, if you’re still offering, my mail is

Comment by dominik

Hello! I love lookbook very much as well, and if your invites are still available, i’d love to recieve one through e-mail if you could. (: thank you very much! and if you can’t, that’s okay too.^^

Comment by Mikki

i found your blog searching with google while trying to find an invite on lookbook
i’ve been trying to get one for months now
can you please send me one at please? (: thanks a lot in advance

Comment by Teodora

Still giving invites away? I sent a request, but I don’t have a blog or website so I believe this is why they haven’t gotten back to me. Thanks for your time :-) (I believe you can see my email, if this is not the case, I will comment again, at another time).

Comment by Danielle

i am obsessssed with lookbook
can you actually invite anyone you want?

Comment by beeeee

I would love to receive an invited on; is the e-add.

Comment by Cherryl

could you invite me too to lookbook? :)

Comment by mary

hey guys, im so desperately begging for an invitation code that im going ahah
i really need one so i can post some photos
my e-mail :

Comment by Juliana nikolova

greeting from Italy, an invitation to look book would be greatly appreciated. :)

Comment by Rachele-Lina

lookbook invitation please? i am DYING for one!

Comment by Kristin

I would love to receive an invited on;

Comment by Helios

could you invite me too to lookbook? :) thx!

Comment by patricia jessica

hiiii …i dont know how to get one…
if you say you can invite i’ll aprecciate so muchh
i really like the site you share so many tastes and styles…
but the most important you share your ownnn style =D

thxx be cool

Comment by Gonçalo

Don’t know if you’re even looking at the updated comments here… but I’ve been dying to join lookbook for the longest time. If you don’t mind… could you invite me? :)

and i would love to see YOUR lookbook page!

Comment by Elle

hi, i know this is quite an old post, but could you invite me to lookbook?? i am so desperate! thank you!

Comment by jenny

my name is abi, and im a prusuing fashion designer. i live in the upper east of new york… my friends wear all my designs and i have a store called lips touch in new york… i want you to invite me because i think i have alot of cool vintage clothing to show to the people of……thanx

Comment by Abi

Comment by Abi

hello! could you please send me an invite? i would LOVE to join lookbook!

my email:

thaaankyou! (L)

Comment by cristina

I’m an 18 year old fashion student from the states and I would die to be invited to lookbook! is my email
i would love you forever for an invite!

Comment by Milan

hey I really want to join too, I have a really strong interest in fashion and such and im gonna go to a fashion school next year… unfortunately, i don’t know anyone from the site so i can’t get an invite..

Comment by Veronika

Can you invite me please?
Long time admirer of the site!
Thanks x

Comment by Hannah

my email is:

Comment by Hannah

i check lookbook every day religiously, i applied to be on the website ages ago but never received any response. i would love an invite.

Comment by jessica

Can you please invite me to :)

Comment by Vikki

hi there :) could u still invite me at pretty pleeassee?? ^_____^

Comment by Madelfia

Could you invite me? :)


Comment by mark

Can I get an invite please?

Comment by Sully

can i please get an invite to love that site

Comment by caitie

Don’t know if you’re still doing this, but I would love an invite!

Thanks so much!

Comment by Sarah

i would absolutly LOVE to be invited if thats not to much of a hassel.
my emails


Comment by leah

Could you (or somebody) invite me? please ^_^

Comment by Candice

heyy im a big fan of lookbook, an invitation would be greatly appreciated

Comment by Alison

someone invite me too, pretty, pretty please ;)

Comment by ury

hi! I found your website through google when I was searching on how to get an invite to lookbook. Anyway I don’t know if it’s too late or not but I would greatly appreciate it if I could get an invite! my email is, thank you!

Comment by Pauline

I’m also an addict ;)
Unfortunatly I haven’t recieved an invite yet!
Maybe you can change that…
Thanks a lot,

Comment by TheOneTheyBlame

Hi! (: I came across lookbook also, and i simply adore all the styles, and it’s such an inspiration. But i sent my application a long time ago and they still haven’t responded.

An invite would be greatly appreciated (:
For fashion,

Comment by Trina

Hi my name is brandon and I’m a huge fan of lookbook. I get a lot of inspiration from the site. I am an aspiring model and fashion designer. I wu relly relly love 2 be invited. Just like I do outside my style will make people look and talk wether it’s good or bad. I am very young and I’m black with naturally vibrant blue eyes which makes my look more unique. If you invite me u wil not regret it, pleez pleez pleez invite me. I hope 2 try out for nous or elite some day but for now it would be an honour to be on the ultra trendy and cool site, lookbook

Comment by Brandon Jones

hi~I’m a huge fan of lookbook as well! Could you please invite me? thanks a lot!

Comment by Angela cc

oh please=D can i get an invite?


Comment by romana

can i get an invite please? lookbook is an inspiration!

Comment by Mikaela

can i get an invite please? lookbook is an inspiration

Comment by Mikaela

Heyy! i would lovvvee to get an invite to lookbook, i am so into the site but cant be a part of it- can you help me with an invite code?
Thank you!!!

Comment by Mackenzie Anderson

Hey can i please have an invite to lookbook? :), i have a high interest in fashion, and i love the site sooo much. I would really appreciate an invite :) thanks sooo much

Comment by Sara

oh yeah my e-mail is

Comment by Sara

I would absolutely love it if you could get me an invite code,I live in a small town in tx so I have very few fashion inspirations haha


Comment by Emily

Hello please invite me, I’d love to share my style with you and other ppl! ^_^
Thanks for the opportunity.

Comment by Valerie

I would really appreciate it if you would invite me. I live in Luxembourg, it’s a very very small country and I would be the first member out of there. :) I would love to show my style and to get comments about it, so please, please, pleaseee could you invite me? :) I’d be really grateful. :)

Comment by Lola

i noticed that this blog was posted over a year ago, but it would be greatly appreciated if you could send me an invite code.


Comment by Brooke

can u invite me?

Comment by yvonne

can you invite me? [:

Comment by kate

I dont know if this offer still stands but I would love an invite!


Comment by Michelle

if your still offering invites i would really apreciate it!!

Comment by Emma

Hola ! :) Lookbook is amazing, can u invite please ? :D

Comment by Beth

ooh, please would you send me one??
i am trying it for 1 year now :(

Comment by helena

Oh God, i’ve seached for more then a year!! Can you please help me?

Comment by Isa

I think I forgot to give u my email or something :p , Merci :)

Comment by Beth

Please, Please could you send me a lookbook invite?
I adore lookbook and the diversity of looks all over the world and i would LOVE more than anything to be a part of this beautiful community
I would appreciate it more than anything if you could send me an invite
many thanks

Comment by Becky Eliza

Would LOVE an invite!

thank youuu

Comment by Mindy Jenkins

i would love to be invited, if you’re still doing this. that site has always been great to visit for inspiration. :]

Comment by Jason Stanley

i realize this was posted over a year ago, but if anybody is still giving out lookbook invites, could you send one to ? thanks (:

Comment by Jamie

I know this is quite an old post but I would love an invite if possible.

Comment by christine walker

Can you please send me a lookbook invite? I would really appreciate it!

Comment by Danielle White

Your photos are amazing.
I’m also a lookbook fanatic and I’d really love an invite!
please and thanks!

Comment by Jenna D.

Please could you invite me to lookbook. me and my friend have been going mad for people to invite one of us so we can invite the other. Please please please you have no idea how happy it would make us we are completely and utterly obsessed! x

Comment by Maddy

btw my mail is pleaseee and thankss xx

Comment by Maddy

hi everyone tells me i have soo much style and i love shopping,ITS AWESOME lol i really want to join lookbook soo if u could invite me that would be awesome thanks a ton :)

Comment by Jasmine

Hey, do you still have invites to

Comment by Emelie

Hi, I know you posted this such a long time ago but I’m also wondering fi you have any invites left to spare a modern-day grunge here!
There is such a little male population on lookbook.

Comment by Michael

I hate to bother you with this, as I know it’s an old post – but would you be able to send me an invite? I’m in love with the website and would love to join, but I don’t know anyone else who is a member. Thank You!

Comment by Shea

Well, you could choose me fair. Just take a look at the picture. Go to the photobucket, the link I gave you.

Comment by Elizabeth

Could you please send me an invite?
email is
thanks so much <3

Comment by Laila

Can You invite me too?
Thank You if You’ll do it!

Comment by Bikerka

can u invite me?
I’ve been trying to find one for a
while with no luck :/
thanks XD

Comment by John Le

ooo, is it to late to ask for an invite? prettyplease ;-D

Comment by Tina

I’ve been following lookbook and following people’s looks. I adore fashion culture and i follow many of lookbook’s members’ personal fashion blogs. I would absolutey love to have an invite if you’re still giving them out? x

Comment by Amanda

I love Lookbook with my life. Invite me and I’ll give you my heart. It’s a fair trade, yeah? Pretty please with sugar and and a cherry on top?

Comment by Bev

could i get an invite too? please.
would give you my heart and soul for this. please.

Comment by sups

OH OH i have been trying for ages PLEASE PLEASE i want to be on lookbook tooo!

Comment by Jenyfa

I’ve been looking for a lookbook invite forever! If you still are inviting could you invite me too! PLEASEE!

Comment by Andrew

I don’t know wether your still inviting people to LookBook but if you are please could you invite me, I’ve being wanting an ivite agers! thank you. :)

Comment by Hannah

hi, your website is really cool (:
if you still are inviting people to lookbook, itd be really cool if you’d invite me please. thank you!

Comment by lucia

Hey can i please get an invite, your website is awesome, id be great if you could invite me :)

Comment by Eugene

Invite, please? thankies. x;

Comment by Debbie

can u please invite me? I’ve wanted to join for so long, but i don’t know anyone on lookbook.

Comment by camille

Hi, I am a huge fan of LookBook and would like to comment on people’s style and also improve my own, could you please grace me with a invitation code? Thank you in advance!

Comment by Katrina

Oh, you’re a saviour!
I’ve been after an invite from LookBook for I don’t know how long :( I really want to show everyone what I got and comment on outfits I adore
Won’t let ya down!


Comment by Pearl

ive been waitingg an invitation cod forrrrrrr manyy timee! im crazy about this page too! pleasee invite mee! :)

Comment by diana

I am an avid follower of LB, awaiting that sunshine-silled day where i should recieve an invitation…

Comment by Fleur

lookbook is pure genius. To be part of an open-minded commnunity would be heaven. I’m still working on my site though. =) Been waiting for an invite. I’d be happy if I you invite me =)

Comment by cha cha

Such a fan of the site… I’d love an invite if you don’t mind. Thanks!

Comment by Lauren

That would be absolutely amazing! Please & Thankypu :)

Comment by eden

DOes this “offer” still hold :)? I’d love to be invited <3

Comment by K.

heyy i also really love and i have really wanted to be invited for a while. I am really into fashion and photography, and it would really make my day if u could invite me :D

Comment by maddy

Hey! I really love to join lookbook. I would appreciate it if you invite me. Thanks a lot! =)

Comment by Betina

can you please send me an invitation?
to this email

Comment by isa

Hello Robin,

How are you choosing your invites for Please let us know if you need confirmation that we are creative humans.

S & T &

Comment by Shelly & Travis

Hello there. i know you postet this ages ago, but i`ve been trying to get an invite to lookbook for a while now and was wondering if you maybe could send me an invite? you would totally rock if you could do that:) my mail is

Comment by Viktoria

Hey there! I really hope I’m not too late. I’ve been in love with lookbook for a while now. Could you please send me an invite? It would be oh so greatly appreciated! My email is

Comment by Charlie Mohazabnia

oh i would really love to join lookbook so if you can be angel and invite me, it will really mean a lot :) pls ? :) here is my email

Comment by ginday

it’s so nice of you to offer! i would love to get an invite..thanks in advance

Comment by Queenie

I agree, I think LOOKBOOK is a great way to find inspiring fashion. I am currently a fashion student at FIDM in Los Angeles and I would be so appreciative to receive an invite to lookbook. Thank you so much for offering!:)

Comment by Kasey Bell

Sorry I forgot to post my email…thanks again!!

Comment by Kasey Bell

AM I TOO LATE?? I would really really love an ivite please!


Comment by Tammy

*invite* ooops

Comment by Tammy

Hey :) I’d really really love an invite if anyone still has one? I know it’s kind of a long time after this post was made :S

My email’s sara—

Lyg :)

Comment by Sara

Hi there, Im curraintly an art student and in need to make a portfilio and this would be a perfect website to display my work. It would be deeply apperciated could you possibly maybe send me an invite

Comment by ajmcfly

Hello! I’m Emma. It would be wonderful if you could send me an invite! (:

Comment by Emma

hey I am inlove with look book! I am a fashion student and I would love to put my designs on for feedback. I have been trying to get in for ever.Can you please send me an invite? I would greatly appreciate it. thanks =]

Comment by angel dawn

Hi, I love Lookbook and have been trying forever to get in. Im curently majoring in Fashion Design and I’d love to join. Can you please send me an invite?

Comment by Mikami

I am in love with ! I must join, send me the code please and check out my blog ;) hope you enjoyyy.

Dirty NV

Comment by Nicole

I’ve been obsessed with this Skye and bought loads of new clothes it’d be awesome if I could join!!

Comment by Michael ta

i look to everyday and i love the site.
please sent me a code.

Comment by Malte

i would be so happy if i could join lookbook :)
invite me? please?

Comment by martha

Hi there im kenii! im really so interested to join lookbook. I sew dresses and i’ve got many of them to share! i hope you’ll consider sending me invite code.
here’s my email:
thanks so muchhh<3

Comment by Kenii

Hey babe, i really need an invite to lookbook, would really really really appreciate if you could send me an invite!! Would really appreciate cause i really need it.

Comment by Savina

hello. im studying at the whitehouse institute of design in australia and i would love an invite for lookbook. im currently compiling my new portfolio and i would love to see what other people think of my work. is my email. please let me know!

Comment by hannah

may i have an invite please?

Comment by Melanie

very interesting! may I please have an invite?

Comment by Gabby

Hey!I have wanted to join lookbook for about 6 months but it seems easier to recieve and invatation code. I’ve tried a few times now and it would be greatly accepted if you could send me an invatation. Thanks!

Comment by DenW.

Hi, i’ve wanted to join lookbook for ages. Please could I have an invite code?
Much love x

Comment by Hannah Weet

Hey could you send me an invitation code please?? i’ve been waiting to receive a code. is pretty awesome


Comment by tania

hi! i dont know if your request up there is still valid but , i’ve been obsessing over it for so long now.I am going nuts for i wrote to them once with a perfect picture, but they didnt return, so maybe they didnt like me? or my paragraph wasnt that high?? what do do think was the problem? i am sooo obsessed, i go to bed and wake up with looks in my mind! yes, i am a fashion slave:(

send me an invitation!please, i beg you:(

Comment by merve


Comment by Harriet

I would join lookbook community, really appreciate an invitation. Thanks very much!

Comment by Razzmatazz

hey please please please send me an invitation code i really want to join there. i would appreciate if u could send me an invitation

Comment by Alina

please peoples :D i need an invitation … thx <3

Comment by natschga

Hey, i found your posting over google!
i was wondering if it’s possible for you to invite me, i’ve always wanted to be apart of it so i could find new inspirations from different people and it’d be amazing if i were able to do the same thing hopefully for other people, i tried joining but they didnt accept me :( i fell inlove with the site so i really hope to be on it one day (:

Comment by Misty Corpuz

Hi, i hope you’re still inviting people lol! Please invite me, im in love with lookbook! The people on there are my idols of fashion, one day i hope people can say that about me :P. The amount of fashion in there is incredible. Thankyou!

Comment by Shasha

Hello!This website is very good and interest.

Comment by Isabell

I’ll be so happy if you invite me :)

Comment by guilherme

hey! hope ya fine. would be great if you could invite me :) im a big fan of this site :)

Comment by Seba

well, im also a big fan and don’t have an invitation code. please invite me:)

Comment by WInda

Hey! are you still sending out invitations for lookbook? I’ld love to have one, I’ve been looking for one a lot! please answer back, I’m leaving my e-mail (:

Comment by Dion

hi!:) can you please invite me? i really want to join lookbook. thanks:)

Comment by jojanni

can you please invite me? :):)
please sent me a code! :) thanks! xoxo

Comment by vik

Hey I completely agree, the site is fantastic, both ispiring an motivating :) not sure if the offer is still standing, but I would love to be invited! This post is quite old, so this may be a long shot but it’s worth a try :) x

Comment by Olivia

oh my gosh, please oh please send me one! i’ve been desperate to get on for months!:( xo

Comment by emily

Yes Please :)

Comment by Carly Schneider-Clark

dude i know u posted this AGEs ago but im desperate for a hook up onto lookbook

ill make and send u a custom tee :)

Comment by Joe

Can you send me an invite in lookbook

Comment by linnda

omg i want to get into lookbook! i know that you posted this over a year ago, but would i still be able to get an invite? thanks!

Comment by christina

please invite me to lookbook. it’s my dream :) please please. i would be thankful to you for the rest of my entire life
thank you .

Comment by Inês

HEY! Do you still have an invite on Lookbook? I’ve been dying to be a part of it. Please. Invite me.
Here’s my e-mail.


Comment by Jessica Simbe

Hey, i was really hoping you could invite me to the website, im in love with it, and it would be great if i could upload my own photos :)
thanks so much x

Comment by Mahnoor De'Ansari

Hi, could you invite me please? I really really want to join lookbook! But I don’t knw anyone who has it. Thank you :)

Comment by Hugo Bonjour

Please invite me to, ive been trying to get in for 6 months!! and i dont know anyone :(

Comment by Val

btw, my email is

Comment by Val

Pleaseeee invite me!!

Comment by DALLAS!

Pls INVITE me!!!

Comment by Angel

Could you please invite me? I promise lots of hype =]]

Comment by its snowing outside

hi, it would be amazing if you could send an invite to lookbook :)

muchlove, xoxo!

Comment by valeria

hey I really want to join lookbook, i was just filling it out now but it would be great if you could invite me. im obsessed with the website and fashion

Comment by Tanith Panayotou

hey, i would really love an invitation too.
I tried to register a thousand times but i know i won’t be able to without an invitation. I’m obsessed with this website as well. My email:
Thanks a lot, alice (from france).

Comment by alice!

hi! i’ve heard so many things about this site so could you please invite me too? my e-mail is

Comment by philirita

If the offer is still open, I’d appreciate it if an invite would be thrown my way.

Thanks in advance either way!

Comment by Kayla

Heyyy. can you please invite me to ? I really want to join but I don’t know anyone there :(
Btw, awesome blog you got :D
my email is and if you do invite me. I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER! Ahaha. no homo :)

Comment by Eva

heyy so cool,Could you please invite me?thanks

Comment by juliet s

hey! this so cool. could you invite me please, I’ll hit you a lot of hype! :)

Comment by ching

You can always buy one here for like, nothing.

Comment by Gary

that’s a cheap legit invite. should only get it from that seller lionhat

Comment by sammie g

I really want to join and I’ll love you forever. i mean seriously please

Comment by Elizabeth

I really want to join and I’ll love you forever. i mean seriously please.

Comment by Elizabeth

You are awesome! and really really want to join. Please..send me an invitation. :)

Comment by maggie

Oh god. .
Cool . . Please Invite me. . please please. . send me an invitation. . and I’ll give u my big hug. .
:). . so please. . its thanks b4

Comment by meida

Hey could I get an invite? I don’t know anyone on lookbook but I have been a very loyal lurker for awhile. Thanks so much. thanksthanksthanks.

Comment by madisonclaire

I WILL BE YOUR BESTEST FRIEND FOREVERRRRRRRRRR. PLEASE INVITE ME!! I can stress this enough. I AM IN DIRE NEED… pretty pretty please with a cherry on top??

Comment by thismultiverse

:( i love loobook
can you invite me please :(
i have wait for so long

Comment by jennifer

hey!! it is me again xD
invite meeeee pleaseeeee

Comment by jennifer

inivte me please! ;@

Comment by Rachel

Oh. Im in love with Lookbook!!!! Can u plz send me an invitation code? I really appreciate it. Thank u very mucb

Comment by kinnguyen48

Hello! I have been in love with for the longest time. please oh please invite me?(:

Comment by eden.

I want to join so bad!!!!!
I’ve been waiting years!!!

Comment by Art

please invite mee:)
i will hype all your lookks
i will be sooo grateful<3
its my favourite site xoxo

Comment by sophie

I’m really a fan of your website because i truly love everything about fashion:) i hope you’ll send me an invite.


Comment by aggy

i luv,can you invite me please ,and thank u so much

Comment by Thao Gekio

Hi I love your style and I am so into fashion please send me an invite

Comment by sharonda Greene

Love me some LookBook..I was introduce to lookbook by friend. Can’t stay of the site..PLEASE SEND ME AN INVITE..PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Comment by Nye

Love me some LookBook..I was introduce to lookbook by friend. Can’t stay of the site..PLEASE SEND ME AN INVITE..PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Comment by Nye

Love me some LookBook..I was introduce to lookbook by friend. Can’t stay of the site..PLEASE SEND ME N INVITE..PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Comment by Nye

i want to join!
can you invite me please? (:

Comment by Beatrice

could you send me an invitation too if it’s not too late?
pretty please? ^^

my e-mail: madalinammoc @ yahoo . com

Comment by goblin

Please invite me to LOOKBOOK.NU! I’ve been waiting soo long to be accepted. I’d die if you invited me! And I’d love you so much.

Comment by CaitNash

ive been wanting to join lookbook for so long now! i’ll love you forever if you invite me!

Comment by Lauren A

Hi! I hope it’s not too late, but I too would love an invite to

Comment by fashiondevotion

Hey can you send me a Lookbook invite too? :)

Comment by Dana

hay , if its not to late could you send me an invitation to please?
my email-adress is:

Comment by emma

Hi my family member! I wish to say that this article is awesome, great written and include approximately all vital infos. I’d like to see more posts like this .

Comment by do lot nu, do lot cao cap, do lot dong thap, thoi trang do lot, thoi trang do lot dong thap, quan chip

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