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out with my lovely mother
May 19, 2008, 4:28 pm
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So today, the last day of my glorious long weekend (happy Victoria day, fellow Canadians!), was spent shopping with my mother and little brother. The first stop was the shoe company, where my very picky brother needed to buy some runners. As far as he was concerned, a 9.5 was way too tight whereas his foot was falling out of a 10. However, after I found one of those foot-sizer thingies and pointed out the maybe 2.5mm difference in sizes he smartened up. :P

Not the most exciting outfit, but I had to wear something easy to put on and take off because after the hell that is The Shoe Company we went to Superstore for the Joe Fresh Style sale!!!

Scarf: Thrifted
Sweater: UO
Shirt: Mom’s
Jeans: Dish
Shoes: Thrifted
Bag: Vintage

And now…my haul! I feel a bit bad since I’ve been trying to shift my purchases to mostly vintage or thrifted, and it’s only been working out semi-well. But I might be getting a job soon, so I did need to get some dressier stuff that’s light enough for summer…good excuse? :D

Cute, sorta ruffly top. The sleeves are puffy when it’s on, and it’s SO COMFY! I’ll probably wear this a lot tucked into skirts.

Striped dress! If my other dresses EVER arrive from eBay, I’m gonna be set for all summer. I think this one is a good base for building on, but not too boring on it’s own in case I get lazy (which I probably will. C’mon, it’s summer break!)

Super basic tee with a little bit of a gather in the front. I love clothes that can be dressed up or down for work, and this + grey skirt and nice shoes would be perfect. I sure hope I get this job or all my ideas for work outfits are going to be forgotten forever! XD

Super-sheer blouse. I love this. There’s ribbon along the neck to tie in a bow, and it’s so light that I am going to be able to wear it over a tank and not die of heat stroke. The buttons are a little sketchy, though, so I’m going to have to watch out for accidentally ripping them off like I always do!

Shorts! I think the huge elastic waistband on these is what draws me to them, and they’re super comfy too. I think this with the red patterned blouse would look pretty slouchy and causal for summer. The pockets on this are great, too.

Last but not least, the spotted-at-last-moment knit dress! Definitely not going to be wearing this on the hottest days, because it’s pretty warm, but it’s perfect for the overcast weather we’re having today. My mom saw it hanging alone on the sale rack, and insisted that I get it! She’s pretty cool. :P The stripes are actually navy, although they look pretty black in the picture.

All in all, I liked the Joe Fresh collection about as much as I thought I would. There’s a TON more stuff in the store then on the site, but it tends to fit kinda oddly and I came out of the changeroom with a lot less stuff then I went in with. Which reminds me…three changerooms for a ton of shoppers? Not so great! Everyone was trying on a lot of items at once, so the wait was pretty long, but it was worth it. I do wish that some of the cream/white dresses had fit me better, because I still want to hunt one down for spring. I had pretty good luck, though, especially since dresses can fit me incredibly oddly because of my long body.

Although I have to admit…still itching to go to Target this summer when we’re down in the states! It’s pretty hard to beat their Go collections (ROGAN. I WANT YOU!!!) but Joe is trying pretty hard!


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Your shoes are super adorable! And nice purchases too.

Comment by Wendy

I like the red blouse.

Comment by styleraven

Fun colors. Your yellow bag is terrific. And that sheer red blouse is love.

Comment by The Clothes Horse

the sale was awesome eh? they didnt have that red top in my size…:(

Comment by 1234



Comment by Urooba

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