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July 19, 2008, 9:06 pm
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To anyone who still has this blog in their RSS feed…or ever checks it…I have not ceased to exist! :D I just got a really sweet email from some readers (I am honestly so flattered!!), and I decided to face my guilt of not posting and update you guys on what’s going on. Weeelll…it’s summer! I spent a couple weeks after exams ignoring my computer completely and just enjoying the nice weather, and my outfits were incredibly boring shorts/tshirts. (Actually, that’s basically what I’ve been wearing all summer…I know! For shame!!) Then, while on my boring trip to Oklahoma to visit family, my grandma died. :( It’s pretty sad, but she was sick and we’re all a bit relieved that she’s not suffering anymore. So we had to go through allllll her stuff, and there is a silver lining. Vintage scarves. Lots and lots of them. Something really great to remember her by! She also has a GIGANTIC collection of jewelry, but I probably won’t get to go through all that till we go back at Christmas since my grandpa wants to get everything of value out (it’s that WWII thrift in him…haha!). So anyways, I PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE that I will write a ginormous post sometime this week that includes pictures of said scarves and other things I’ve picked up while in the states. We’re leaving tomorrow, can’t wait to be home and get back to a regular routine…which will include blogging! :D


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yay =]

Comment by Erica


Comment by nadine

Yay! Finally something to read. Oh god you took foreverrrr to start posting again!

Comment by Megan


I absolutely love your blog. Your style of writing and use of creativity makes your blog a must-read for me! I especially like the personal touches you had to your posts.

My name is Audrey Leighton Rogers, I am style editor for the Durham University newspaper and was wondering if you could take a look at my blog- and let me know what you think?

It would be great if we could exchange links and could feature each other on our blogs? I am looking to improve my readership and I’m sure you wouldn’t mind an increase in readers either!

Anyway keep up the amazing work, and get back to me when you can!


Audrey Leighton Rogers

Comment by audrey leighton rogers

HEY! i still read your blog! sorry to hear about your grandmother, but its great to see you back!

Comment by 1234

Hurry! Hurry!

Comment by Angie

come baaaack!

Comment by Erica

Blossom Clothing has moved!
Visit to whet your appetite that is all things fashion! Comment and you will be added to the blog roll in exchange.

Comment by bellefantaisie

don’t feel guilty, just come back!

Comment by anon

Thank you.

Comment by Andrea

i love ur blog and all ur outfits. i follow u since a long time ago but i ve never written something. i wanna say that u re fabulous and please continue like now!!!!!!!! ;)

ps. can u send me an invitation for lookbook please?
thxxxxxxxxxx, kisssses from spain!!!!

Comment by Leho

i hope you will soon post again. it’s only been … almost 2 years. is the blog still breathing?

Comment by sophie


Do you mind if I link to your website?



Comment by Kathy

Hey, your blog is so nice!
My blog’s called L.M (, are you maybe interested in link exchange?

bye :)

Comment by Lea

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