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Robin Graven-Milne. Only 15, but please, don’t judge me on it! I go to a school filled with people who gawk at me daily for wearing such odd things. My boyfriend of over a year, Ryan, thinks I’m a little weird too, but he seems to like me. ;) Raised by activist parents, thrift stores were always one of my favourite shopping destinations. And with the freezing cold weather of Calgary, Canada, I had to learn how to bundle up pretty fast!


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love your glasses!

Comment by marie

Your right (sadly) about jyst about everything there! I sometimes wish Mom and Dad would be a bit lighter on us :\

Comment by Dave

i lurve your specs! mega cool!

Comment by Cloe

very stylish site..

Comment by styleanywhere

i don’t remember how i stumbled on this, or why i kept browsing, but you’re super adorable! continue blazing fashion trails throughout your school!

Comment by jessica

I love your glasses. What is the brand name?

Comment by Ashley

I love your style :D And all your photos are amazing!

Comment by Georgia Kavanagh

WOW i love this site! you say you’re weird, i think you’re interesting, sylish, cool, all of the above!! go girl, keep it up champ!

Comment by tiffany cosiales

hiiiii babe :)
just wanted to post a comment saying that i luvv the blog ;) you have a wicked and unique style! dont ever change!
whats your lookbook name?
greetz from belgium :)

btw sorry about your grandmother :(

Comment by poeguar

you live in calgary? oh my gosh! i have looked through your blog, but never read the about page.. i know some milnes, i dont know if they’re related to you though… i admire you nonetheless!

Comment by sophie

Sup girl ;)

Comment by jalil

Impressed! are you on facebook??

Comment by Arpit

Wowww, I randomly stumbled upon this site and you’ve already inspired me :) Keep doing what you’re doing! :)

Comment by Charlotte

your style is so unique and amazing!! I love it so much~!!

Comment by Casey

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