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gearing up
May 20, 2008, 9:37 pm
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After supper, me and my brother went with my dad to Mountain Equipment Co-op to get ourselves new bike helmets. That’s right, remember this post? The craving is still there! Unfortunately, I also still have to wear a helmet or else I’ll get fined (and with my luck, hit by a semi. If anyone needs a helmet, it’s me!!!). Luckily I found one that I really like!

At first, I didn’t like the visor, but it’s really growing on me and it’s practical. The pink detail on it is cute! I can always switch out the lining for one without a visor attached, too. The best thing about this helmet is that since it’s multi-sport, it doesn’t scream “CYCLING NERD!” like my dad’s does. (No offense, dad. He’s a proud cycling nerd!) I also got some gloves, just because I tend to only fall off my bike and onto the leftover gravel from winter when I’m NOT wearing them. And I think they’re kinda cute in a hobo-ish way…don’t tell!

But trust me, this is the extent of my cycling gear. I’m going Copenhagen style – for me, biking is simply going to be an awesome and sustainable form of transportation, not an extreme sport (most days). I want to prove to the people of this city that you don’t have to be in head-to-toe spandex and low drag sunglasses to use a bike to get around! Of course, that would be a lot easier if I had a more stylish bike! My absolute dream bike would have to be the Velorbis Victoria Classic. It’s just SO. FREAKING. GOODLOOKING. The details are amazing.

Marvel in it’s glory.

Of course, this wonderful, amazing, beautiful bike is £569, which is… *sob*… $1,110 Canadian dollars. PLUS shipping, because nobody near my city carries them. Goodbye, love! However, there is an alternative. It might not have strands of leather wrapped around the handles, and it might not be quite as perfect…but it’s also pretty dang goodlooking, and WAY more in my budget. Behold the Electra Women’s Amsterdam Classic 3 speed!

It also comes in white and black, and I think I like white the best (especially with the contrast of the seat, handles, and tires). This one costs $549.99, an amount that I could actually save up to. And I’ll still have my mountain bike for when I want to go out to the mountains and get dirty!

So, in conclusion… dedicate your 11:11 wish to me getting the job I want for the summer! :P


a movie to avoid
April 10, 2008, 9:32 pm
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Sorry that I’m posting my outfit so late! Me and my boyfriend went to see the sneak preview of Prom Night, and all I can say is thank god it was free! By the end the whole theatre was giggling. If you’re looking to be scared, maaaybe not the movie, but if you want to go and laugh at the fact that something like this is actually showing in theatres, go for it. :P It’s amusing for sure!

Anyways, as my last post sadly documented, it was terrible outside so my outfit is pretty boring! I was going to wear spectator heels (HA), but my Doc’s were amazing in the snow and I’m really glad I got ’em or else I would have had nothing to wear. I had to wait 20 minutes for a bus that usually comes every 5 this morning, and by the time I got on I was so covered in snow that there were piles of it on the floor that I had brushed off. I finally got to school 45 minutes late, and there were barely enough students in all of the math classes at once to fill up 2 classrooms (and 2000 kids go to my school!). It’s amazing how people forget how to drive/get places in winter after they get used to nice weather!

Hat: My dad’s (warmest hat ever

Jacket: Hand-me-down vintage men’s peacoat
Cardigan: Vintage
Jeans: Shank
Shoes: Doc Marten

I don’t wash these jeans a lot, because I usually forget or I pull them out of the dirty clothes to wear them again, but the last time they came out of the wash I noticed that they were fading into their very own wash. When I bought them they were a lot darker then they are, but I like the way that they are fading. It’s authentic and so much more personalized then buying jeans with a fake fade or whiskering.

Ooh, and here’s another photo my boyfriend took from the bus stop while we were waiting to go to the movie.

Better then it was earlier! But c’monnn…it’s April!!!

the WORST thing to wake up to
April 10, 2008, 7:20 am
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I KNEW I was being too optimistic! I do live in Calgary, after all…

This is what early morning Robin thinks of that.

I guess it’s not as springy as I thought it was! Hopefully my new boots are waterproofed…

April 6, 2008, 6:11 pm
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Another reason that I simply cannot wait for summer is my itch to bike. And that itch is definitely worsening after stumbling upon this wonderful blog! Check out how chic these women are while biking.

Looks like Copenhagen is a freaking haven for cyclers. So not fair! Calgary’s still so behind. There’s a couple teensy tiny bike lanes on some of the roads here, and bike paths, but nothing like the space that these lucky Eurpoeans get. This makes biking a rather daunting task, especially if I have to travel on main roads that are still covered in gravel from winter. Eek! Also, none of them are wearing helmets…and since it’s the law where I live that everyone under 18 must wear a helmet while biking, I tend to look a little (okay, WAY) less fabulous then the above. I found some pretty cool helmets on I’m especially loving the 8-ball ones, because a lot of the prints seem pretty predictable and hard to match to an outfit.

And…the bikes. The wonderful bikes! I think I might fall asleep dreaming of wonderful vintage bicycles tonight. These are all WAY out of my price range and more for collecting then riding, but still, nice to look at!

(All bikes from

So. Awesome. Maybe I can hunt down a bike that’s more recent, but still old enough to be interesting. Like my dad’s old one that he refuses to get rid of…hmmm…