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neckline editing
April 6, 2008, 12:00 am
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I’ve had this tunic from Forever 21 kicking around forever, but the weird neckline always made me avoid it. Tonight I decided that would ALL CHANGE and I would change the neckline into a more normal one! Of course, I got swept up in the excitement of it all, and forgot to take a before picture, and of course, since I’ve had this tunic for a while, it’s nowhere to be found on the Forever 21 website. But it was kinda similar to this neckline, just saggier.

This probably looks wonderful on someone else, but it is not flattering on me at all! So, after a few minutes of frantic cutting, mostly even pinning, and somewhat successful sewing, I ended up with this neckline:

Not bad, eeeh? Well, the back is kinda messed up, but that’s way better then the front being deformed. I think I like this sewing thing!