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the dress came!
May 21, 2008, 3:42 pm
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I’m having a lot of luck with eBay stuff arriving this week! My floral print dress arrived today. It looked huge when I took it out of the package, but a belt fixed it all up and I LOVE it.

It’s incredibly lightweight. This is going to get a lot of wear! If it ever stops raining…


the dress!
May 13, 2008, 8:45 pm
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I found an adorable vintage dress on eBay for the wedding, and I won it! Downside? I owe my mom $70 I don’t yet have. (oops.) Upside….

It’s beautiful! It’s going to be a bit shorter on me as well, I think, because of my height. None of my stuff from eBay has arrived yet, but when it does I’m going to be in heaven when it comes to dressing for warm weather.

yay for ebay
May 5, 2008, 7:33 pm
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No outfit post because I’m sick again today, but at least I won a really cute vintage dress on eBay!! I’d been stalking it for like a week and luckily the price didn’t get scarily high. And the shipping is reasonable, for once, to Canada!

I loooove it, and for once, my boyfriend actually approves! This is going to be my summer dress. :) And it will match my eBayed bag too!

cherry red
May 1, 2008, 5:24 pm
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I found this adorable and practical bag on eBay and bid on it a couple days ago, and I won it! I love the braided handles and of course, the colour.

I have been avoiding eBay for a while, so now that I have a little extra cash I’m excited to be winning unique stuff again. Can’t wait till it gets here, because it’s already sparking outfit ideas! I might even be able to use it as a school bag. Hmm…

happy easter!
March 23, 2008, 12:36 pm
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I’m about to OD on chocolate but I haven’t been posting much lately so here I am! I think it’s time for another issue of “things I wish I could buy off of eBay but I cannot because I am broke”. At least I can look at the pictures, right? :P

I quite like this dress! The biggest thing on my wishlist right now is patterned dresses and skirts, since I’ve only got one skirt with anything on it and I’ve lost the only dress that I had somewhere in my room…and it was just solid grey! I need to get myself to a thrift shop with my measly $20 allowance ASAP. Anyways, this dress is going for seven bucks right now, so maybe if nobody’s bidded on it before it’s up I’ll try and grab it.

This is exactly the kind of dress that I would have thought was HIDEOUS a year or so ago, but now I absolutely love the gross colours and weird pattern. It’s the kind of thing that my friends would be rolling their eyes at and saying, “only you would think to wear something like that!” Which, really, is usually what I’m going for.

BOOOTTTSS! Oh, boots, how I long for you. And these ones are pretty versatile! I really just need something to throw on over tights or skinnies, and these are sorta cowboy-ish but not too over-the-top. And they’re in my huge size! Any other 10’s out there?

Okay, okay, enough torturing myself. All this clothing talk makes me want to dress up for Easter dinner tonight, but since half of my family will probably still be in PJ’s I think I might pass.

March 6, 2008, 7:15 pm
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Lately I have been having a HUGE dress craving. (For probably the first time in my life. I wasn’t much of a dressy kid.) And the ones that have been catching my eye are the slightly grandma-esque ones that everyone else seems to be wonderful at finding in thrift shops, whereas I never seem to find the ones that could be cute when paired with the right accessories. Something along the lines of this would be absolutely perfect:

I know you guys must get sick of hearing this…but…I NEED A JOB! And the help of my best friends, the thrift faeries.

February 15, 2008, 8:06 pm
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Oh eBay, why must I be broke?! These are even my sizeee!

Any size nine/tens out there that are less poor then myself?