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April 28, 2008, 3:25 pm
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The lovely Clothes Horse has tagged me! I know you are all probably just DYING to know more about me, of course. ;) So here goes! The first question is, of course, one that requires thinking, and since I’ve just come home from school I’m going to skip it for now. But be prepared for it later when I am in a thoughtful mood (those happen sometimes, I swear). The other one is the 5 things tag, which is a lot easier on my brain!

5 things found in my bag: I’ll use my backpack for this since it’s the bag I carry the most. Besides all my binders and textbooks, I always have a Moleskine and pen (the Moleskine love is still going strong, if you’ve been reading my blog since I posted about them!), planner (because I am really forgetful), art supplies, and Blistex lip medex for my super dry lips.

5 things found in my purse: Mints that I bought in Oklahoma, coupons (what, you haven’t realized I’m cheap yet!?), money (if I have it), bus pass, and usually lenses for my camera if I’m bringing it.

5 favourite things in my room: My wall covered in polaroids and photobooth pictures, my laptop, my art supplies, my camera, and my guitars.

5 things I’ve always wanted to do: Write/draw all over one of my walls, TRAVEL (New York and all over Europe, please!), be a good singer (hey, I can dream!), go overseas to help someone in need, and become an artist for a living!

5 things I’m currently into: My boyfriend and his silliness, art and photography (but I’m always into this!), skirts and dresses, WARM WEATHER, and learning to drive.

And now I tag… Style Raven, Childhood Flames, and Scuba Socks. Sorry if you’ve gotten this before, I have a terrible memory and I might have even read it on your blog! :P