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oil treatment
May 7, 2008, 7:37 pm
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Well, besides being sick, stuffed up, and playing Grand Theft Auto IV, I’ve done pretty much nothing over the past three days. I did, however, try out an oil treatment for skin that the lovely Kezia of the Coveted posted about. And it was lovely!! My skin is nice and soft now, and the hot washcloth on my face was also pretty nice for my clogged nose (ew, I know). Anyways, I just wanted to recommend it to you guys since I have no daily outfits to post!


I am craving…
April 23, 2008, 7:00 pm
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…NAIL POLISH! I think my allowance this week might go towards some cheaper versions of colours like these from OPI.

Russian Navy, Malaysian Mist, and Midnight in Moscow

I love these colours! Especially the neutral in the middle, for some reason. All I can find is my best friend’s sparkly light pink nail polish she forgot here, and I want a nice matte colour. Is matte the right term for it? Erm…well, a solid colour. Shiny but not sparkly!

lipstick chronicles
April 9, 2008, 7:29 pm
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It started out innocently enough. I saw a post on the Coveted on beauty that featured plum-coloured lipstick. Ooh, I thought, I have some of that! (Thank you, Clinique freebie.) I wore it to school and nobody seemed to care, but since I thought I looked bad in red lipstick the obsession seemed to stop there. Until I decided to dig up one of my old tubes and test it out again…

Oops. Apparently I don’t look as bad as I thought, because the next day I was on a mission to find the best lipstick I could for the most ridiculously cheap price possible. I asked the most makeup-savvy girl in my art class what she recommended from MAC (I haven’t been there in forever, even though I have a huge collection of coloured eyeshadow that I never wear) and she said Ruby Woo. I decided to keep it in the back of my mind since I am broke! So next time me and my mom went to Superstore, I dragged her to the makeup and told her to help me pick a shade. I ended up with this:

Rimmel Red Hot Lasting Finish Lipstick, $5

Not bad for $5! It’s supposed to last for 7 hours, but of course it doesn’t last nearly that long especially with my lip-licking and constant nibbling on snacks. :D It holds up pretty well, though, but it was bleeding a bit by the end of my 6-hour school day. It’s alright, but I think one day I will definitely upgrade to Ruby Woo…

Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick, $16.50

MAC is one of the things that I will shell out a ridiculous amount of money for, just because I know that it’s good stuff and the people that work there are so friendly. Then again, they also have this magical ability to completely empty my wallet before I realize that I barely even wear makeup anymore! To be honest, I wish that I could, but whenever I put on eyeshadow like I used to it just doesn’t seem right on my face anymore. It’s not fair! I’ve got like 20 colours that I used to wear all the time. Maybe I just need to find a lighter way to do eye makeup? I’m liking the colour combination in this look, but I don’t think I’d want to wear glitter for day. Way too heavy!

I’ve got blues and yellows that are perfect for doing a look like that. The hair in the top left is gorgeous, too. My hair needs to grow faster!

Then again, maybe I’m just over wearing heavy makeup. This look from MAC (Enough MAC in this entry?! MAC! I love you!!!) is subtle but still polished (I can’t believe I just typed something like that, but it does suit this).

Maybe I’ll try out something similar on my real, non-scarily angular face with normal-sized eyebrows. ;)

April 7, 2008, 4:36 pm
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This post might not seem like a revelation to 90% of the people that see it, but since I’ve had short hair for a while, it’s pretty exciting for me. I’ve discovered that my hair doesn’t look like complete crap if I pin it all up!

(yeah, I do have big holes in my ears…what a rebellious teenager I am!)

My bun is terrible. I need to learn how to make a real one! It’s just that it always looks so intimidating when people are doing it in movies and such…and what if one of those millions of bobby pins that they stick in got lost in my hair?! Eek!

March 23, 2008, 10:06 pm
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I’ve found lip stuff to repair my horrible, dry, disgusting, wintery lips!!!

It’s a miracle. A long time ago I posted about some other stuff, but it turns out it had it’s flaws. Not this. IT’S PERFECT!!!

PS. My little cousin says hello to you all. He is eight and visiting all the way from Oklahoma with his mom and dad!

purple-y lipstick
February 12, 2008, 7:32 pm
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As I was doing my daily reading of blogs, I was inspired by this entry from the Coveted. The girl on the right has the most beautiful tint to her lips! Suddenly it hit me that I needed to hunt down a purpley lipstick asap. All I can say is thank god for free Clinique samples! I found one called a different grape or a different plum or something (I think it was a different grape…) and proceeded to apply. I blotted it a bit to avoid getting it all over my teeth like I usually do, and to make it a bit more matte, and voila!

They are a lot more purple in real life, and they almost look like that hot asian model’s lips! I think that lipstick is going to get added to my makeup routine. I knew it was going to get spiced up somehow! Plain old mascara and concealer gets boring after a bit.

winter lips
November 22, 2007, 8:23 pm
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I live in Canada, so the winters are cold and dry. Naturally, at about halfway through October, my lips get insanely dry and flakey. For a couple weeks, Blistex was my best friend, but I noticed that I had to reapply constantly and it didn’t seem to have a lasting effect. This sent me on a quest for new lip protection, and I found some great stuff:

I think it was $11 Canadian, and it’s AMAZING. It comes in a pretty huge tin, so it’ll last a while.